"Big" Spare Rib Stew & Strawberry Salad

From time to time I’ve got inquiries about the author of foods on this blog. When eating out or buying something, I usually add a comment such as “Restaurant”, “Cafe”, “Take-Out” or the eating place’s name.

I might omit those notices, if I think it’s obvious I didn’t take part in the food preparation, like meticulously designed cake, delicate wagashi(Japanese sweets), soft serve, or if I feel it’s a bit redundant to describe every single details, like this dish I prepared, that dish I bought, another dish my friend brought. It all depends.

One thing is certain: I’ve eaten all of those foods!

Sometimes I write more specifically about foods and my pals(Kawaii Creatures, Little Birds, Hungry Frog, Mr. Seal, Brother Seal, etc.) in Japanese. So the auto-translation might help you to understand what is shown more precisely.

Regarding the above dishes, I myself made them 100%.